Section 16 using Integix

Section 16 forms filing in real time.

Leverage our next-generation system to submit Form 3, Form 4, and Form 5 insider documents from your desktop directly to EDGAR system.

Benefits of our filing software:

Simple, Easy-to-use Flexible Interface: Flexible workflow, create your forms in a user-friendly Interface.

Better Control and Efficiency: Eliminate any risk of errors and manage the entire process with better control and less time.

Accessibility and Convenience: Our web-based solution allows users to create and access their data from anywhere at any time of the day.

Real-time Proofs: Review and distribute proofs to concerned stakeholders for further approvals.


Zero Setup

Zero Setup

Create, review, validate, test file, and submit EDGAR-formatted Forms 3, 4, & 5 directly to the SEC. Store, search, amend, and reuse previous filings and templates. Auto populate reporting owner’s information (relationship, address, and filing codes) from previously stored data

All Inclusive Catalog

Maintain a “Footnote catalog” for quick access to commonly used footnotes. Maintain an “Exhibit catalog” for quick access to commonly used Exhibits such as Powers of Attorney

Auto Calculations

Auto-calculate updated Shares Currently Owned information for Table 1 transactions. Auto complete function for Forms with Reporting Owner & Issuer profile information

File Directly

Create and distribute PDF proofs online to review. Validate, test file, and Live file directly to SEC. Send filing confirmations once done to multiple emails