Patent Award For Contexxia

Patent Award For Contexxia

By Rajan 25 September, 2015

Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc. announced today the issuance of a third patent by the US Patent Office. This is an additional patent awarded to the company’s earlier patent for a system that facilitates associating structured content in a structured document with unstructured content in an unstructured document.

“This technology is used in our Contexxia product and represents a significant step towards utilizing structured XBRL data in association with the underlying textual document. Contexxia enables a sophisticated way to creating transparency in unstructured and structured data such as those used in SEC regulatory filings. Contexxia uses the techniques in this patent award that utilize natural language processing, semantic techniques, and XBRL data to offer a unique, holistic view to analyzing the data,” said Srinivas Murty, Vice President, Ez-XBRL Solutions.

Contexxia’s use of multiple Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and algorithms enables the enhanced analysis of textual and XBRL content in documents and related data. “Contexxia not only leverages its three powerful views to provide transparency in SEC filings, it also enables high quality analysis with much less effort and cost,” said Mr. Murty.

A variety of users including equity research analysts, law firms, corporations, accounting firms, regulators, universities, and investigative journalists have been using Contexxia since its release in 2014.