Patent Award For Contexxia – Enhancing Transparency in SEC Filings

Patent Award For Contexxia – Enhancing Transparency in SEC Filings

By Rajan 24 June, 2015

MANASSAS, VA—Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc. announced today the issuance of a patent by the US Patent Office. This patent relates to analysis of structured and unstructured documents to determine associations between structured and unstructured content to facilitate semantic tags to be applied.

The patent for invention number 8,849,843 is for computer program and system that enables the identification of suitable semantic tags, such as XBRL concepts, members and dimensions, for a given piece of unstructured or semi-structured content.

“This patent covers the technology used in our Contexxia product and provides us the ability to automate analysis and enhance transparency in SEC filings by leveraging the natural language processing techniques described in this patent”, said Ms. Aneet Kumar, President, Ez-XBRL Solutions.

Contexxia utilizes multiple techniques and algorithms to analyze textual and XBRL content in SEC filings in order to simplify the process of researching SEC filings. “Contexxia uses three powerful views that make it easy to spot hard-to-find content in SEC filings, identifies significant events described within filings, and highlights important changes in financials”, said Ms. Kumar.

A variety of users including equity research analysts, law firms, accounting firms, regulators and journalists have been using Contexxia since its release earlier in 2014.