Ez-XBRL Solutions Unveils Inline XBRL Compliance Solutions for Tailored Shareholder Reports (TSR)

Ez-XBRL Solutions Unveils Inline XBRL Compliance Solutions for Tailored Shareholder Reports (TSR)

By Rajan 31 May, 2024
Ez-XBRL Solutions Unveils Inline XBRL Compliance Solutions for Tailored Shareholder Reports (TSR)


Compliance solutions for the upcoming Enhanced Shareholder Reporting for Open Ended Fund (OEF) Companies

Ez-XBRL Solutions, a global leader in financial compliance technology, today announced enhancing their current offerings with Tailored Shareholders Report (TSR) in Inline XBRL (iXBRL). These solutions are designed to meet the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) new mandate for Tailored Shareholder Reports (TSR) by investment companies.

Starting July 24, 2024, the SEC’s TSR mandate will transform shareholder reporting for mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Investment companies will be required to disclose their TSR in a standardized, structured data format using Inline XBRL. This format will provide investors with a clear summary of essential investment details, including strategies, risks, performance, fees, and more.

Ez-XBRL Solutions leverages over 15 years of XBRL reporting experience and patented AI and Machine Learning technologies to offer an automated solution that addresses the mandate’s requirements. The platform’s enhanced features assist funds in tagging, reviewing, and verifying reports, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the Inline XBRL tagging process.

Inline XBRL allows investment companies to integrate XBRL data into HTML filings directly, simplifying the reporting process and enhancing the accessibility of financial disclosures for investors and analysts.

Aneet Kumar, President of Ez-XBRL Solutions, stated, “We’re excited to introduce our updated platform, enhanced to comply with the SEC’s TSR mandate. This launch underscores our dedication to transparency, accountability, and building investor trust. With these advanced reporting technologies, Ez-XBRL Solutions is poised to continue meeting the dynamic regulatory landscape and adding value for our clients.”

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