Ez-XBRL Solutions Releases Version 3.0 Of Its Integrated XBRL Data Conversion Platform

Ez-XBRL Solutions Releases Version 3.0 Of Its Integrated XBRL Data Conversion Platform

By Rajan 5 May, 2011

INCLUDES INTELLIGENT MIGRATION CAPABILITY TO 2011 US GAAP TAXONOMY Unveils New XBRL Instance Document Viewer with Unique Interface

WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 5, 2011: Ez-XBRL Solutions, LLC, a global software and solution provider of XBRL data conversion and analytics platforms, today released the latest enhanced version 3.0 of its flagship product, Ez-XBRL. Ez-XBRL 3.0 provides an automated migration path for users planning to use the US-GAAP 2011 taxonomy in preparing US SEC filings in XBRL. The new version simplifies the migration process by leveraging the software’s inbuilt mapping resources between the 2009 and 2011 taxonomies. It simplifies the process of identifying and selecting tags that have changed between the US-GAAP 2009 and new 2011 XBRL taxonomies. The latest version intelligently provides tips and suggestions to help preparers search and compare XBRL taxonomy extensions against newer elements that are now part of the 2011 XBRL taxonomy.

“The built-in intelligence powering this new capability in Ez-XBRL is quite exciting because it helps both existing and new SEC filers make the transition as smoothly and quickly as possible to the current 2011 taxonomy,” said Ms. Aneet Kumar, Co-Founder & President of Ez-XBRL Solutions, LLC. “Ez-XBRL removes yet another layer of complexity involved in meeting the US SEC XBRL reporting mandates – we lower the burden on filers through the use of innovative technology.”

In related news, Ez-XBRL Solutions announced the launch of its powerful new Ez-XBRL Viewer 1.0. Ez-XBRL Viewer presents not only the core XBRL rendered view, but additional details such as XBRL calculations and definitions that can be examined by users in more detail in a multipaned interface with navigation between views. The Viewer has several user-friendly features such as color highlighting of Taxonomy extensions and calculations – all available while simultaneously navigating the various sections of the XBRL instance document.

“There are several other XBRL viewers available in the marketplace, including the viewer provided by the US SEC,” added Ms. Kumar. “We believe the Ez-XBRL Viewer provides significant additional information that better caters to the needs of accounting professionals and financial analysts as well as more technically savvy XBRL data users,” said Ms. Kumar.

“Our unique multi-pane interface puts the most important information at the user’s fingertips without the hassle of toggling between screens or pop-up windows like other tools. Ez-XBRL Viewer is one of the most sophisticated viewers in the marketplace today.”