Ez-XBRL Solutions Offers Seamless Support for Sage Customers

Ez-XBRL Solutions Offers Seamless Support for Sage Customers

By Rajan 25 January, 2011

Ez-XBRL Solutions can assist Sage customers through its iXBRL Solutions to successfully meet HMRC tax returns filing mandate.

Enables iXBRL Creation Using Sage Accounts Production (SAP) Files

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ez-XBRL Solutions, LLC, a full service, global XBRL data conversion and analytics solutions provider, announced today that the company, through its Inline XBRL (iXBRL) Solutions, can assist Sage customers in meeting their tax return filing requirements. Sage customers can seamlessly create iXBRL with HMRC approved Ez-iXBRL tagging software by directly using Sage Accounts Production output files allowing Sage users to avoid any hasty and costly migration to other accounts packages. In addition they have a full service option in HMRC approved Ez-XBRL’s managed services which again accepts Sage final accounts production files in PDF format and delivers final iXBRL accounts to file with HMRC and comply with the iXBRL filing mandate from April, 2011.

“Sage users can continue to use their systems as before,” said Aneet Kumar, president of Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc. “Sage produced accounts created in PDF or other formats can be converted into iXBRL documents for filing by using Ez-iXBRL. Our dedicated quality control and service support teams help companies through the filing process – we’re there to hold their hands through what can sometimes seem uncharted territory.”

Ez-iXBRL is an integrated XBRL data conversion platform in which companies can easily and seamlessly map, tag, validate and output iXBRL files that are HMRC-compliant documents. Ez-iXBRL reduces the burden on companies to output their iXBRL files through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that also allows them to submit their electronic iXBRL files and CT-600 forms directly to HMRC.

Ez-XBRL Solutions’ managed service team offers significant accounting expertise including deep knowledge of UK-GAAP and UK-IFRS staffed by Chartered Accountants, Financial Analysts and XBRL specialists. The iXBRL service provider offers high quality, accurate and timely delivery of iXBRL filings if needed by companies to quickly help them meet the HMRC mandate. The HMRC has officially approved Ez-iXBRL as a tagging software solution to prepare inline XBRL (iXBRL) company tax filings as well as a managed tagging service provider to companies in the UK.

Key Features of Ez-XBRL Offering:

  • Directly use output of Sage accounts production software products (SAP/SAPA)
  • No intermediary migration required to generate iXBRL
  • Supports multiple input document formats including PDF, Word, Excel and HTML
  • Supports both minimum as well as complete tagging set
  • Enables roll forwards for subsequent filing periods
  • Supports all taxonomies including UK-GAAP, UK-IFRS, UK Charities and Tax Computations
  • Automated conversion (after mapping) of all required data in any source document format to the HMRC-compliant Inline iXBRL for filing