Ez-XBRL Reveals Enhanced Reporting Capabilities – Empowering Client Reporting with Smart Automations & Workflows

Ez-XBRL Reveals Enhanced Reporting Capabilities – Empowering Client Reporting with Smart Automations & Workflows

By Rajan 17 November, 2022

Improving upon their SaaS based Disclosure Management Solution Integix , Ez-XBRL enables SME and enterprise clients with the ability to own & control the reporting process simply and effectively.

Enhancing the capabilities of their Integix SaaS platform while proving to be an accessibly priced solution for businesses looking to optimize financial and regulatory compliance processes, Ez-XBRL is showcasing a new functionality that empowers enterprises of all sizes. This new module specifically provides users the ability to own their compliance reporting and improve upon the management of their regulatory and financial statements securely and accurately without outsourcing or addition personnel or software. Now, clients are able to utilize the powerful insights provided by Ez-XBRL while gaining insightful reporting data within the Integix Disclosure Management Solution. Stand-out features include collaboration, comprehensive task management, auto updating of data and content supported by a highly intuitive user interface.

Ez-XBRL currently retains four US patents for cutting edge technology that they strategically incorporate into their evolving platform and features. In providing the most high-quality solutions and products at affordable pricing, Ez-XBRL integrates top tier functionality and support into one stand-out solution. Furthermore, the company’s innovation in the areas of automation and deep expertise in the industry, allows Ez-XBRL to operate as an industry veteran, bringing their experience and insight in delivering a powerful SaaS solution.

As explained by Aneet Kumar, Ez-XBRL President, “Our attempt has always been to make the regulatory compliance process easier and effective for our clients and with this new enhanced Integix version, our clients will be able to see the power of the platform in supporting them through the entire disclosure process.”

Looking ahead, Ez-XBRL will soon be the only organization of its kind to offer a comprehensive, integrated Regulatory Compliance, ESG solution with enhanced analytics capabilities for current and prospective clients.

About Ez-XBRL

Headquartered in the USA, Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc. supports customers in several other countries including the UK, India, the Republic of South Africa, and the European Union. Ez-XBRL provides products and services in Financial Regulatory Compliance and Financial Analytics. Our web-based applications are designed to be extremely user-friendly, accurate, and portable among computing devices.

Our products and solutions teams leverage significant expertise and experience in financial reporting, XBRL, natural language processing, big data, and cloud-based software platforms. Our services and support teams are highly rated for their focus on customer problems and for their ability to go the extra step to exceed customer expectations.

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