Oman Launches Bayanat Data Portal

Oman Launches Bayanat Data Portal

By Prathamesh 27 June, 2023

The Capital Market Authority of the Sultanate of Oman (CMA) has launched an analytical portal (Bayanat), an interactive platform for exchange of business information drawing on its XBRL data collections. The portal contains significant historical data on the financial results of most companies.

The portal aims to make the data available for analysis to all, ensuring analysts and investors can take a deep dives into digital data to stay updated on latest developments. Users will be able to perform various types of data analysis including comparisons and ratio analyses across companies, sectors or any other category, and generate reports to help them in their investment decision making.

Ahmed Ali Al Maamari, Executive Vice President of the CMA, said that the aim is to equip the Oman capital market with available, accessible, analysable, and accurate data, and this is one of the key strategic projects of the CMA. The Bayanat platform also allows researchers, academics, analysts, government entities, investment funds, employees of the stock exchange and regulators to analyse and prepare studies, conduct research, and take informed decisions.

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