New Zealand Standards Board Launches Digital Standards Navigator

New Zealand Standards Board Launches Digital Standards Navigator

By Prathamesh 24 June, 2024

The New Zealand External Reporting Board has just launched its digitised reporting and assurance standards platform – the XRB Standards Navigator. This tool offers online access to current accounting, assurance, and climate standards in NZ, making it easier for users to navigate, search, and share these documents.

The XRB Standards Navigator is accessible and marks the first time that New Zealand’s standards have been fully digitised. While the existing PDF versions remain the legal standards as mandated by legislation, the new platform provides a user-friendly, web-enabled alternative. This development responds to user demand and focuses on enhancing the accessibility and usability of standards.

This platform is a valuable resource for professionals and organisations aiming to stay compliant and up-to-date with the latest standards. While New Zealand currently does not mandate XBRL financial reporting, this kind of fine-grained publication could be very effectively used in future as part of an XBRL taxonomy as reference links to these authoritative materials. By linking these materials directly within an XBRL taxonomy, users would be able ensure that their digital reports are grounded in the most current and precise standards.

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