New Taxonomy Design Guidance Published

New Taxonomy Design Guidance Published

By Prathamesh 2 June, 2023

The Taxonomy Design Working Group, part of XBRL International’s Best Practices Board, recently published new guidance designed to help taxonomy authors and architects.

Taxonomy authors sometimes need to add structured information or metadata to taxonomy components. For example, taxonomy authors may want to communicate milestone information such as the effective date, deprecation date, or creation date, for the taxonomy components, or document the applicability of business type, form number, or report type relevant to taxonomy elements. Such structured information facilitates correct reporting by preparers and enables software to enhance the user experience.

XBRL provides the “property reference” mechanism as a standard way to capture such information in a structured format. Property references use XBRL’s reference mechanism and two standard reference resource roles.

The new guidance document provides guidance on using property references in a taxonomy and discusses alternatives for incorporating such structured information into taxonomies.

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