GRI Sustainability Taxonomy

GRI Sustainability Taxonomy

By Prathamesh 17 June, 2024

Reporting sustainability impacts is increasingly becoming a necessity for organizations around the world. It is therefore crucial to facilitate digital reporting (reporting using a digital, machine-readable format) across different regulations. This enhances access to impact-related sustainability data and helps reduce compliance costs.

That is why GRI is developing a comprehensive taxonomy for its Standards, based on XBRL, a standardized format for organizing and exchanging business information. XBRL is commonly used for financial reporting.

Put simply, a structured framework is created to organize and classify content which can then be digitally reported using the GRI Standards. This will significantly improve access to sustainability data for multiple stakeholders.

GRI has launched a public consultation to gather views from both XBRL experts and sustainability specialists on the design of the [draft] GRI Sustainability Taxonomy open from 11 June 2024 until 11 August 2024. Find out more and provide feedback using the links below.

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