EFRAG Finalises Three ESRS Implementation Guidance Documents

EFRAG Finalises Three ESRS Implementation Guidance Documents

By Prathamesh 11 June, 2024

EFRAG published the final versions of its first three ESRS Implementation Guidance (IG) documents: EFRAG IG 1 Materiality Assessment, EFRAG IG 2 Value Chain, and EFRAG IG 3 ESRS Datapoints.

These documents reflect public feedback collected from December to February and aim to address the most challenging aspects of implementing the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

The EFRAG IG 1 Materiality Assessment provides an illustrative process for corporates, explaining the concepts of impact and financial materiality with practical examples. EFRAG IG 2 Value Chain outlines the reporting requirements for the value chain, covering aspects from materiality assessment to metrics and targets.

These guidance documents, though non-authoritative, will be crucial for helping organisations implement ESRS effectively, promoting transparency and consistency in sustainability reporting.

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