EBA’s Overhaul: Insights on DPM 2.0 and XBRL Transition

EBA’s Overhaul: Insights on DPM 2.0 and XBRL Transition

By Prathamesh 28 February, 2024

In a recent interview with the European Banking Authority (EBA), crucial insights into the Data Point Model (DPM) 2.0 initiative were revealed. The EBA, along with the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA), is undergoing significant transformations to enhance data collection systems and processes.

The DPM 2.0 initiative aims to boost flexibility, harmonize reporting, and improve efficiency. Notably, the final DPM 2.0 metamodel has been released and is undergoing piloting in selected reporting frameworks, with plans for implementation across the entire EBA Reporting Framework v4.0.

The discussion also highlights the evolution of the DPM alongside the XBRL Standard, with the EBA transitioning from xBRL-XML to the more compact xBRL-CSV format by the end of 2025. The EBA emphasizes XBRL’s pivotal role in their regulatory reporting framework, affirming their commitment to its maintenance and integration.

These developments signify a strategic move towards streamlined reporting processes and enhanced regulatory capabilities.

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