XBRL Services

Ez XBRL Solutions is uniquely positioned in the global XBRL market owing to the combination of products, services and experience it offers to its customers worldwide. Ez XBRL services process ensures key aspects necessary to achieve all the goals for Inline XBRL reporting.

  • Proven & Established – Our service process is well-defined and has been proven and tested over multiple XBRL mandates worldwide
  • Repeatable – Well documented process steps that are repeatable and traceable to ensure quality
  • Automation – Integix uses our patented technologies and offers highly automated features to create your financial reports and documents for SEC
  • Certified – Ez-XBRL is ISO 27001:13 Certified and our XBRL creation platform, Integix and XBRL Online Review Platform XOR are both certified by XBRL International
  • Transparent – Our XOR Portal enables unparalleled capabilities for XBRL reviewing & Commenting
  • Data Security – True Multi-user and highly secure data management environment and processes to ensure safety and confidentiality
  • Intuitive- The easy-to-use user interfaces are intuitively designed for first-time users. Intuitive on-document XBRL tagging simplifies the complex XBRL tagging process into a few easy steps

Ez XBRL Managed Services Expertise

Ez XBRL Solutions provides a comprehensive set of XBRL Managed Services that seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing processes for Inline XBRL filings and external reporting.

Ez-XBRL’s experienced team comprises of CPA’s and financial experts conversant with US GAAP and IFRS accounting standards in addition to being experts in XBRL and fully knowledgeable about global mandates. We currently support the following mandates:

  • US SEC
    • Corporate Filers
    • Mutual Funds
    • Closed-End Funds
    • Climate Reporting (Upcoming)
  • India MCA

Ez XBRL Service Delivery Process

Ez XBRL Solutions will utilize its well-defined and proven delivery process to service our clients.

Project Setup

  • Import prior period filings from the SEC’s website into Ez XBRL’s platforms.
  • Retain prior mappings, tag selections, and other iXBRL structural settings as-is. Our experts provide feedback on best practices and SEC guidelines to ensure that the quality of XBRL instance files is maintained to the best extent possible

Production Process

Initial Document Analysis & Mapping

  • Ez XBRL Services team will perform a thorough analysis of documents and create an initial mapping using the appropriate taxonomy and associated elements
  • Identify all the reporting items in the financials and create first version of the tagged document

Review & collaboration process on XOR

  • Upload the first draft output of the tagged document to XOR for Homes review
  • Reviewers can collaborate and comment on the files and suggest changes

Make Changes to Generate XBRL Instance

  • Incorporate changes and recommendations to the tagged document as requested after review
  • Meanwhile, also incorporate any major or minor edits received to source document(s)
  • After all, changes are incorporated, validated, and generate an Inline XBRL instance. Test filing with the SEC

Processing Completion Steps

  • Approved final xHTML/ Inline XBRL files uploaded on XOR for download to review the final files
  • Submit/ “Live” file Inline XBRL files to SEC using client credentials, after confirmation and sign off on the final approved version


Ez XBRL Solutions has a suite of secure SaaS platforms, certified by XBRL International, that are highly automated to support the services delivery process. The automation helps not only in quick turnarounds, last minute edits but also in ensuring an error-free filing without manual intervention.


XOR, our online collaboration and review portal has the following features that help in a seamless workflow between the client and our team and also helps the stakeholders collaborate in the review process internally.

  • Certified, Secure, cloud-based online portal
  • Role-based access control
  • Securely upload and download Inline XBRL documents
  • Collaboratively review Inline XBRL tags using XOR’s built-in Inline XBRL Viewer
  • Inbuilt Validation engine
  • Version control to ensure quality and accuracy of data with built-in Validations.
  • Review Inline XBRL reports
  • Customized email notifications system