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The USA is Ez-XBRL’s headquarters. We have been offering innovative solutions to cater to a variety of regulatory reporting mandates and analytics solutions since late 2009.

Till date, over 10,000 XBRL filings submitted to Securities and Exchange Commission have utilized our software products or services. Recognized as one of the leading providers of disclosure management and XBRL solutions, we are leading the development of next-generation reporting, compliance, and analytics standards through our products, services, and thought leadership. Ez-XBRL is a member of XBRL US and an XBRL US Certified Partner.



Integix is a cloud-based disclosure management platform that enables corporations to prepare, review, validate, and file SEC EDGAR filings. Integix utilizes multiple patented technologies and techniques such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning techniques to offer an amazing user experience. Learn more about Integix.

Contexxia is designed to provide a powerful set of analytical tools that provide insights into SEC filings. For SEC registrants, Contexxia offers the ability to analyze peer company SEC filings, powerful search, and the ability to use powerful tools to collaboratively preview and analyze period-over-period changes both prior to, and after, submitting filings to the SEC. With its array of patented techniques that enable analysis of SEC filings, Contexxia is a one-of-a-kind product, unmatched by any other in the industry. Learn more about Contexxia.

XOR is the industry’s best collaborative solution for reviewing XBRL filings submitted to the SEC. XOR provides a combination of powerful features, including a portal for document management and version control, automated and configurable notifications, online reviewing of all types of XBRL documents, and rich set of reports. Learn more about XOR.


Ez-XBRL offers a comprehensive set of fast, accurate and reliable services to enable domestic listed companies and Foreign Private Issuers to cost effectively and accurately comply with SEC regulatory requirements. Our services include conversion, formatting, and filings of EDGAR documents, including SEC-compliant XBRL filings. Our expert services team includes CPAs and Financial Accounting experts that assist corporate external reporting teams and other corporate stakeholders in complying with the latest SEC compliance requirements.


Ez-XBRL provides multiple solutions that help investment management companies prepare their annual and semi-annual regulatory disclosures and prospectuses to comply with the SEC’s requirements.


Our products like Integix, XOR, and Ez-XBRL enable timely, conformant, and accurate preparation of regulatory filings.


Our expert services team leverages years of experience and significant knowledge of the latest SEC requirements to assist in preparation of EDGAR filings and timely filings to meet compliance timelines.

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