Since 2011 when India’s XBRL mandate was announced, Ez-XBRL has played a leading role in offering solutions for reporting entities and service providers. We work the largest companies, leading accounting firms, and other service providers.

We offer a suite of Software Products and Management Tagging Services that combine to provide customers with the most complete and versatile XBRL solution in the market.


Ez-XBRL : Our proven software product, Ez-XBRL, is a versatile and efficient application that enables effortless creation of XBRL documents without requiring extensive training in XBRL. It supports the widest variety of input document formats and helps users can easily create XBRL documents. The software shields the users from having to learn XBRL. The complexities of knowing the XBRL specifications and syntax are managed by the software allowing the users to focus on the financial information that need to be tagged using XBRL.

Ez-XBRL includes support for all the MCA-approved taxonomies, including IND-AS, IN-GAAP, and Costing. The product provides a multi-user environment and a powerful set of features that enables all the essential functions of creating XBRL documents from a single, integrated software application. These functions include Mapping and Tagging, XBRL Taxonomy Management, XBRL Instance Generation, and an XBRL Validation Engine that ensures that the output is fully compliant with MCA’s requirements.


  • We offer end-to-end XBRL conversion services to Auditing Firms and Companies
  • Users have the flexibility of submitting accounts on an “as is” basis
  • The Services team comprises of highly trained individuals with expertise in Indian accounting, Indian GAAP taxonomy, Indian Accounting Standards (IND-AS) taxonomy, the Costing taxonomy, and all the MCA mandate requirements
  • Ez-XBRL is an expert partner to help cost effectively & accurately create XBRL instances to comply with the MCA mandate


  • We are a Knowledge Partner with ICAI conducting XBRL workshops with hands on training for creation of XBRL instances
  • A team of highly trained faculty with extensive experience in XBRL filing for US, UK and India mandates
  • Structured training programs for beginner, advanced and master levels

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