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Ez-XBRL Solutions - Solutions for UK HMRC Filers

UK iXBRL Corporation Tax

The UK HMRC has announced that all corporations in the UK will be required to file their annual accounts and tax computations using the Inline XBRL standard. The mandate will come into effect starting April 2011. Over two million corporations will be filing using this new data format.

Our Product

Ez-iXBRL is our product that enables corporations to tag their accounts and tax computations using the Inline XBRL specification. It supports documents in multiple source formats (PDF, Word, Excel, HTML) and provides for a high degree of automation in the tagging process. In addition to supporting the UK-GAAP, UK-IFRS and Computations taxonomies, Ez-iXBRL also provides a rich user-interface for formatting XHTML documents that are required for iXBRL compliance.

Our Services

Our full spectrum of services for UK corporations includes:

  1. Mapping and tagging of Accounts and Tax Computations
  2. Creation of XHTML document with embedded XBRL tags (Inline XBRL) and fully compliant with HMRC's specifications and style guides
  3. Complete set of XBRL instance documents
  4. Conversion of filer-provided CT600 PDF document into XML
  5. Packaging of all documents into HMRC-compliant XML envelope
  6. Electronic filing of all documents to HMRC

Our services also include a secure, standards-compliant Client Portal for interaction, collaboration and customer support. Additionally, we also provide education services and consulting services to enable corporations to fully understand the iXBRL requirements.

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